Sending An Item Off To It’s New Home


The only compliment I can really trust is when someone pays me money for one of my ceramic pieces. Everything else is my mother telling me it’s nice. I love to sell my pottery for that reason. Why then is it hard sometimes to part with my work?

The answer is simple, albeit somewhat irrational. I put a lot of myself into every piece, spending about three weeks from start to finish on each project. Working on a piece is similar to creating a baby that I must eventually send out into the world. As the holidays approach, I find myself busier in the studio as I sell more items. I am grateful people like my work enough to purchase, and hope the recipients love the pieces, display and/or use them proudly, and treat them with care.

The hanging face masks are particularly hard from which to separate as in some way they become friends, especially when I have them awhile. I was thrilled to receive a note recently from the buyer of two masks stating she “loved the faces and would give them a good home”, which told me she felt similarly connected to them.

Shipping is easily the worst part of a ceramics business. Finding a box to fit the piece comfortably, packing with plenty of bubblewrap and tissue to ensure a safe arrival, and calculating shipping costs are all part of the deal. Not fun, but definitely a necessary piece of the puzzle. I take great care packing up purchases to send to their new owners, which includes adding a small handmade “thank you” gift, to let the buyer know how flattered I am that they chose to buy from instead of one of the many other talented artists selling their work online.

I have pictures of each piece, making the parting easier. I remind myself that it’s all about the process; each project is a learning experience which helps me to improve for the next one.

Do you feel an emotional attachment to your work?

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2 Responses to Sending An Item Off To It’s New Home

  1. lindab142 says:

    There are some pieces I find hard to part with, and some become part of my collection (after giving them ample time to find other homes).

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