Meet the Artist

Leslie Farin started working in clay almost 20 years ago while taking a break from her career as a public health nutritionist to stay home with kids and never stopped. She quickly realized she loved having a creative outlet and her passion grew from a hobby into a business as she perfected her techniques. She still loves the health and wellness field, and finds she is able to frequently put her education and expertise to good use with her family.

Leslie Farin

For years, Leslie focused on high fired functional pottery – dishes, plates, bowls, goblets etc, all food, oven, microwave and dishwasher safe, using both hand building and wheel methods.  After awhile, she added Raku pieces to the mix, loving the decorative metallic glazes. She later moved onto contemporary, abstract hanging face masks, unique hamsas, and serveware experimenting with brighter and bolder glazes. Leslie is back in the work world as a marketing consultant after going back to school for the certification while raising her children, but is grateful to be able devote a significant amount of time working in the studio she recently added to her garage.  She strives to create pottery that brings as much joy to others as she gets from making her pieces.

Leslie is married with two children and lives in the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex.

The Joy of Art

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